Swar Yoga-The Yoga of Breath

Svara Sadhana

Svara Sadhana, practice of breath, is the revealer of Satya, Brahman and bestower of the Supreme Knowledge and Bliss. Practise every day the Svara Sadhana systematically and regularly, that is, to allow the flow of breath through the left nostril throughout the day and through the right nostril throughout the night. This will, doubtless, bestow on you wonderful benefits. Wrong Svara is the cause of a host of ailments. Observance of right Svara as described below leads to health and long life. Perform calm acts during the flow of Ida and harsh acts during the flow of Pingala. Do acts resulting in the attainment of psychic powers, Yoga, meditation, etc., during the flow of the Sushumna.

If the breath rises by Ida (moon) at sunrise and flows throughout the day, and Pingala (sun) rises at sunset and flows throughout the night it confers considerable good results. Let the breath flow through Ida the whole day and through Pingala the whole night. He who practises thus is verily a great Yogi.

How To Change The Flow In Nadis

The following exercises are for changing the flow from Ida to Pingala. Select

any one of the methods that suits you best. For changing the flow from Pingala

to Ida, just do the same exercise on the opposite side:

  • Plug the left nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth for a few
  • minutes.
  • Lie down on the left side for ten minutes.
  • Sit erect. Draw the left knee up and keep the left heel near the left
  • buttock. Now press the left arm-pit, Axilla, on the knee. In a few
  • seconds the flow will be through Pingala.
  • Keep the two heels together near the right buttock. The right knee will be
  • over the left knee. Keep the left palm on the ground a foot away and let the
  • weight of the trunk rest on the left hand. Do not bend at the elbow. Turn the
  • head also towards the left side. This is an effective method. Catch hold of the
  • left ankle with the right hand.
  • The flow of breath can be changed by Nauli Kriya also.
  • There are some who are able to change the flow by will.
  • Place the Yoga Danda or Hamsa Danda (a wooden stick of about
  • 2 feet in length with a rest of the shape of U at one end) at the left arm-pit
  • and lean on it by the left side.

The above exercise is intended for general regulation of breath.  Wealth is obtained with comfort and reputation through the power of breath. The knowledge of the past, present and the future and all other Siddhis are acquired and a man reaches the highest state, by the power of breath.

Excerpts: Kundalini Yoga by Swami Sivananda, Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India


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