Detoxifying-Panting Dog Breath

This is my all time favorite pose and I include it in my daily yoga practice towards the end. It helps detoxify the entire body by cleansing it of all toxic waste and heavy metal.  Within weeks of practicing Panting Dog, I noticed a major reduction in my acne breakouts that I’ve been having since the past 15 years and my skin looks and feels much smoother.

• Sit on your heals in rock pose.

• Place your hands on your knees and lean slightly forward.

• Stick your tongue as far out as possible, close your eyes and begin panting fast (about 2 exhalations per second) -just like a dog 8)

• The stress is on exhalation followed by a very subtle inhalation. During exhalation your stomach should automatically contract towards your spine. Don’t force the pumping of the tummy muscles. As you pant fast you should feel your tummy pumping automatically. Make sure to drink plenty of water upon conclusion of your yoga session and throughout the day to help wash out any residual toxins.

• If you feel dizzy, take breaks every 20-30 seconds and don’t overdo it.

• Duration: 1-5 minutes


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