Gemstone Therapy-My Personal Experience

When I created this blog, my intent was not to just regurgitate information that is already out there on the world wide web, but to give people something practical to relate to in terms of real life experience rather than just redundant text book knowledge. Now that the skeleton of my blog is in place, I can focus on sharing some more of these experiences. I invite my readers to also share their stories as I feel that gives seekers something that is more authentic and tangible.

I have already shared my very personal stories in two articles The Unstruck Sound and Kundalini Awakening. One important thing that I learned is that, if you have an intense longing for knowledge and sincerely and relentlessly seek it out, paranormal experiences will come to you comparatively easier.

Today I wanted to talk about gemstone therapy. Gemstones are talismans. They can greatly enhance the quality of one’s life in areas of health, marriage, career, wealth, children etc

They have long been used in India in medicine and as a form of therapy in terms of taming the planets (I look at it as the dissoving of energy blockages within one’s auric body thereby allowing the prana/life force to flow freely and improve one’s aura).

You may have seen many websites that talk about the healing properties of gemstones. I have never attended a healing session, because back home in India, this therapy is administered very differently. One doesn’t just diagnose themselves, pick a stone of choice and start wearing it. There is a proper systematic procedure in place. Instead of 30 minute sessions of having rocks and crystals placed on the seven chakra points on the body, a learned astrologer is consulted. There are many available online that will draw up your horoscope, prescribe gemstones and also provide the service of ring making.

Do your research and go with your gut. You will be asked to submit your details like full name, date, day and time of birth, place of birth, latitude and longitude of your city of birth. (

Armed with this information the astrologer will draw up a horoscope customized just for you; a horoscope that is a reflection of what is going on in your life and what is yet to come. I know, sounds like mumbo jumbo. But bear with me. I have personally and significantly benefited form this.

The prescribed stone is set in a particular metal ring in a manner that allows the stone to rub against your skin at all times. The ring is then worn on a particular finger on a specific day.

Once worn, the gemstone will begin its magic right away. In my case I noticed improvement within just 2 weeks and at the end of 8 weeks, I was 95% healed.

Fifteen years ago I had suffered from intense pain associated with muscle spasms in my shoulders due to anxiety and depression. I suffered a lot for 3 years. I had no quality of life. No western medicine or physical therapy was capable of easing my pain even a tad. I was just sent from one doctor to another with no respite in sight. My days consisted of pain so intense that I was forced to lie down every 20 minutes. My head felt like a bowling ball on a pin. It was impossible to lead a normal life. When I visited my family in India my dad had my emerald stone ready after consulting with a knowledgeable astrologer. I wore the ring after following the prescribed manner. The emerald dissolves blockages in the heart chakra which in the physical body translates to the organs in the chest region (your heart, breasts, thymus, lungs) and any diseases associated with them.

That was 9 years ago. Since then my quality of life has returned to normal, my depression, anxiety and pain gone. I was able to fulfill my desire of going back to school just for fun, (even topped my class), start a career, raise two kids and have an active social life.

In lieu of an expensive gemstone, you may choose to purchase its less expensive semi precious alternative.


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  1. Yamyah
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 07:25:44

    i find it amazing how effective the stone was for your problem. I’ve been wearing a small rose quartz in the shape of a heart, against my own heart because i suffer from a heart condition (which i believe was induced by sorrow and so on in the course of previous lives). I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster blog award. I love your blog and i believe it deserves more recognition so your message can reach many more people and benefit their lives for the best. Please accept the award, check it here:

    Much Love ~


    • yachna
      Feb 20, 2012 @ 08:36:21

      I too had been wearing a rose quartz until recently as it kept getting in the way of my yoga practice. Green stones are also great for the heart.
      Thanks for the nomination.


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