Ancient Mantra/Prayer for Healing the Body

I stumbled upon this vedic mantra in the most unlikely of places.   I had never heard of this mantra before nor have I been able to find it online.   I guess it would be safe to say that this is the first online entry for this mantra.

What is this mantra for?

Done with faith, sincerity and devotion, the body soon becomes free of disease and affliction.

How to Chant this mantra?

Take some water in a vessel/glass.

Face East

Cover the top of the vessel with the palm of your hand

Chant the mantra out loud 7 times

Drink all of the water.

Below is the Sanskrit mantra followed by the translation.  (Translation Courtesy: Sarita Tyagi, PhD Sanskrit)

Mantra In Sanskrit

मां भयात सर्वतो रक्ष

श्रियं वर्धय सर्वदा

शरीरारोग्यम में देहि

देव देव नमो स्तुते

Mantra In English

Maam Bhayaat Sarvato Raksh

Shriyam Vardhay Sarvadaa

Shareer Aarogyam Maim Dehi

Dev Dev Namo Stutay


May I have no fear. Always protect (me) from fear,

May (my) prosperity always increase,

Bless me with a disease free body,

Salutations to you

Below is a short video to help you with the pronunciation of the mantra:


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