Mystical Experiences During Meditation

By Sri Swami Sivananda

Various kinds of lights manifest during meditation owing to deep concentration. In the beginning a bright, white light, the size of a pin’s point will appear in the forehead at the space between the two eyebrows which corresponds tentatively to the Ajna Chakra. You will notice, when the eyes are closed, different coloured lights, white, yellow, red, smoky, blue, green, mixed lights, flashes like lightning, fire, moon, sun, stars and sparks. These are Tanmatric lights. Each Tanmatra has its own specific colour. Yellow and white lights are very commonly seen. In the beginning small balls of white or red light float about before the mind’s eye. When you first observe this be assured that the mind is becoming more steady and that you are progressing in concentration. After some months, the size of the light will increase and you will see a full blaze of white light, bigger than the sun. In the beginning these lights are not steady. They come and disappear immediately. When you have steady and systematic practice of meditation for 2 or 3 hours, these lights appear more frequently and remain steady for a long time. The vision of lights is a great encouragement in Sadhana. It impels you to stick to Sadhana steadily. It gives you strong faith in superphysical matter. The appearance of the lights denotes that you are transcending the physical consciousness. You are in a semiconscious state when the light appears. You are between the two places. You must not shake the body when these lights manifest. You must be perfectly steady in your Asana and breathe slowly.

At times you will see some lustrous forms of Devatas or some other physical forms. You will see your Ishta Devata or your Guru. Siddhas, Rishis and others give their Darshan to encourage you. You can see beautiful gardens, palatial buildings, rivers, mountains, golden temples, sceneries so lovely and picturesque as cannot be adequately described.

During intense concentration, many are able to feel certain peculiar sensation as if some electric current passes from the Muladhara-Chakra. They immediately disturb their body and come down to the physical consciousness out of fear. They need have no fear at all. They should keep steady and wait for further experiences.

The experiences vary in different individuals. The experience of one man may not be the same as that of another man. Many erroneously believe that they have realised the Self when they get these experiences, stop their Sadhana and try to move with the public to preach and to do Loka-Sangraha. This is a serious blunder. This is not realisation at all. These are all simple encouragements from your Ishta Devata to convince you of a higher spiritual life and push you in your systematic and incessant practice with zeal and enthusiasm. You will have to ignore these things and drive them away just as you did with worldly objects. You must not care a bit when you get these visions. You must have your Lakshya on the goal. The visions may appear in some persons within a few days, while in others within six or nine months. It depends upon the state of the mind and degree of concentration. Some persons may not have such experiences, but they will be progressing in the spiritual path.

Sometimes you will get very powerful, dazzling lights, bigger than the sun. They are white. In the beginning, they come and disappear quickly. Later on they become steady even for 10 or 15 minutes according to the degree of concentration. Lights will appear before the eyes or at any one of the Chakras. The light is so powerful and dazzling sometimes that you have to withdraw yourself from looking and break your meditation. Some people are afraid and they do not know what to do and how to proceed further. By constant practice, the mind engaged in concentration will vanish. The beings and objects with whom you are in touch during the early period of Sadhana belong to the astral world. The lustrous forms are higher Devatas of mental and higher planes, who come down to give Darshan and to encourage the Sadhakas. Various Shaktis manifest in lustrous forms. Adore them. Do mental Puja as soon as they appear before you.

Do not waste your time in looking at these visions. This is only a curiosity. These are all encouragements to convince you of the existence of superphysical, metaphysical realities. Visions are either subjective or objective, your own mental creations or of realities on finer planes of matter. Universe consists of planes of matter of various degrees of density. Rhythmical vibrations of Tanmatras in various degrees give rise to the formation of various planes. Visions may be of these things or beings. Or in many cases they may be purely imaginary. They may be the crystallisation of your own intense thinking. You must discriminate well.


Sometimes these elementals appear during meditation. They are strange figures, some with long teeth, big faces, some with three heads, some with faces on the belly, some without flesh and skin, etc. They are inhabitants of Bhuvar Loka. They are Bhutas. They are supposed to be the attendants of Lord Siva. They have terrifying forms. They do not cause any harm at all. They simply appear on the stage. They come to test your strength and courage. They can do nothing. They cannot stand before a pure, ethical aspirant. Repetition of Om or your Guru Mantra will throw them at a distance. Whenever young people look at a dead body or when they see a body hanging or when they see a cruel murder, they always brood over this instance. Even during meditation, the same thought will come and take peculiar form. Again and again they will see the same form before their eyes. They should not fear at all. It is only their mental creation. A coward is absolutely unfit for the spiritual line. Destroy fear. Develop courage. Be bold.

Life In The Astral Plane

During the course of practice, one day you will feel that you have separated yourself from the body. You will have immense joy mixed with fear; joy in the possession of a new light, astral body; and fear owing to the entry in a foreign, unknown plane. At the very outset, the new consciousness is very rudimentary in the new plane. You will only feel that you have a light, airy body and will perceive a rotating, vibrating, limited astral atmosphere with illumination of golden lights, objects and beings. You may feel that you are floating in the air.

You will never fall; but the new experience of subtlety generates novel feelings and sensations in the beginning. How you leave the body and remain, is unknown. You are unaware of how you have completely separated yourself from the body. The new joy is inexpressible. Your will have to actually feel and experience it yourself. When you come back to body-consciousness, there is an intense craving to regain the new consciousness and to remain in that state always. By chance, by repeated attempts, you are able to go beyond the body-consciousness once in a month or so in the course of Sadhana. If you plod on with patience, through Yogic practices, you will be able to leave the body at will and stay for a long time.

You can by mere willing travel in any place you like with the astral body and there materialise by drawing the necessary materials either from Ahamkara or the universal storehouse. The process is very simple to occultists and Yogis who know the rationale, the detailed technique of the various operations. Thought-reading, thought-transference, psychic healing, distant healing, etc., can be very easily performed by those who can function with the astral body. Concentrated mental rays can penetrate opaque walls and travel miles and miles.


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  1. Yamyah
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 08:44:37

    thanks for sharing this, Yachna. I’ve been meditating every day now and have noticed the colours, “stars” and beeings. Yesterday, i vaguely noticed this beeing that wore a very long white beard and was sitting in a lotus position, he had a kind face. It was very brief as i tried not to break my focus away from the meditative state. I wonder if it was a siddha, or my own self in a previous life time as a yogi. Much love ~


    • yachna
      Feb 16, 2012 @ 10:28:22

      Yamyah..some people like you are already advanced in their journey of spiritual evolution. In this life we pick up where we left of in a previous life~according to The Gita, which is why some people might meditate a few times and start experienceing wonderful things while for others it might take some more time.
      Have you been doing the Soham meditation? I think the bearded beeing might be a guide.


  2. Yamyah
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 13:33:04

    i agree with everything you said, Yachna. Even the meditation act itself feels like a continuation of what i have done many, many times in other life times. I do have reminiscences of a previous life as a yogi in India, somewhere on the east coast of India. I did the soham meditation last night by the way 🙂 It didnt take me long until my body felt electric in some parts, namely my left arm and spine, and the crown chakra felt extremely active afterwards.


  3. aditya
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 04:22:32

    this info is correct, but as the spiritual gurus say dat never ever share your spiritual experiences wid others,it may lead to dis-continuation of further experiences.


  4. yachna
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 15:10:40

    This information is by Swami Sivananda. I agree yoga, mudras etc were supposedly supposed to be kept secret, but I think there were other reasons for it. Anything that is readily available becomes cheap and also becomes subject to doubt and mockery by people who are non believers. in the yoga texts it says this information should not be shared with people who are NOT of like mind as they will only argue and deride the entire thing. But for people who are serious about this path and who only share such information with other serious seekers, I believe that it helps in encouraging them to continue on this path. Hearing of such experiences from normal householder yogis instead of just yogis who live in caves offers encouragement to many householder yogis.


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  6. Tejit
    Nov 19, 2015 @ 08:56:58

    thanx. valuable info.


  7. Tejit
    Nov 19, 2015 @ 09:06:08

    thanx. useful info.


  8. Aritra Chatterjee
    Jan 05, 2016 @ 03:44:50

    when i mediated there was intense physical discomfort. then i felt a fire was placed near my back and after that it vanished. i saw then small points of light and i remembered 300+ incidents from my childhood, i never guessed they were stored in my mind eve after so many years


  9. Vignan Nirula TNP
    Mar 09, 2017 @ 03:22:33

    Informative, clarifying many mystic doubts ….Tanx


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