Root Chakra

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 Root Chakra: the Foundation of One’s Life 

Many people fail to notice the significance of managing their chakra in order to for the body to receive the maximum energy needed to get the most out of their lives. Those who are focused on enhancing their upper chakras to achieve wholeness tend to overlook their lower chakras because they are scared that they might lose the established energy that they already have. It is vital that an individual enhances all his chakra points in order to have balance. Once a body has a well-balanced chakra, a person will feel peaceful, whole, and fulfilled in his life. 

Nurturing the root chakra will allow one to realize his way of life can be more pleasant and will prepare him in receiving more energy needed to survive. Before nurturing the root chakra, one has to understand what a root chakra is.

 The Basics 

A root chakra produces a Red aura and is located at the end of the spine. A healthy root chakra can work very well with the crown chakra in generating positive energies for the body. These energies can assist an individual in increasing his creativity and in communicating with his Higher Self. When there is balance from the root, there will be a feeling of security, protection, and ground; the communication with the external surrounding is also improved. Generally, one will learn to empathize, be sensitive and have self-awareness of things that do not belong to them.    

The root chakra is physically connected to our spine, adrenals, kidneys, immune and skeletal systems and sex organs. We may have emotions and diseases that are linked to it as well such as stress and fear, nervousness, high blood pressure, lower back pain, obsession, problems with the feet, legs, and hip, impotence, depression, and lack of control in one’s own life. It also promotes different rights such as the right of existence and protection. 

Connecting with and Analyzing the Root Chakra

The simplest way to connect to the Root Chakra is through breathing meditation. Concentrate on the location of your root chakra. Breathe in, feel the root elevate. Hold your breath for a few seconds and direct the energy to the root area. Once you exhale, release all the tension. Repeat the process until the right amount of energy is achieved and sealed on the root.

Once the Root Chakra has been opened, one may start the visual analysis. Study the color, the spinning movement, the direction of the movement, and the images it produce.

Viewing the images of the root chakra may not be good at first. Most of them are negative images that you might hate. Just remember that these images are from your mind and you have the power to control it. You can make them stop and try again some other time. 

Communicating with the Root Chakra

If a root chakra is imbalanced or blocked, one can heal it to restore the balance. There are recommended questions that can be used especially when one is doing guided chakra meditation. One has to calm his mind and let the chakra talk on its own. Listen to its voice and don’t contradict even if it’s saying something negative. The messages may not be clear at first but once you have listen very well, it will reveal interpretations that can be life-changing.

If you think you can’t take it anymore, you have the option to stop and calm yourself again. Allow yourself to absorb and understand what you have heard. 

  1. When you are young, do you feel protected? How about now?
  2. As a child, did you feel you are important? How about now?
  3. What do you feel about your body? What are your pains? (List all that are related to the root chakra.)
  4. Do you like what you’re wearing? Explain it.
  5. What are the beliefs that you have learned from your family? From other people? Are those beliefs able to protect you? Why and why not?
  6. Are you always seeking for appreciation?
  7. Are you showing the real you now? Why and why not?
  8. Do you think God loves you? If not, why?
  9. Do you have enemies? What stops you from being friends with them?
  10. Do you feel grounded in your body? If not, what makes you keep running away from yourself?

Healing yourself requires a strong will and determination. Love yourself and be proud if you’re able to create balance on your Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is part of your foundation from the day that you were born up to this very moment. 

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