How Yoga Combats Depression

Today’s article is a guest post by Ryan Rivera.  He is the founder and publisher of .  His area of  expertise is helping people with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and related issues.  His work has been featured in local radio and TV shows.

How Yoga Combats Depression

Depression is one of the most common psychological conditions with over 120 million people suffering worldwide. A lot of those suffering from it seek professional help and are prescribed some antidepressants, which reportedly do not yield the desired results expected from these treatments. As depression persists, a person finds himself more and more unable to get energized or excited about life and the things they used to love. Worst case scenario is that they compromise their health by being lethargic most of the time. While there are a lot of ways through which people can combat depression and stop anxiety naturally, one alternative that will definitely motivate people to try and eventually become a habit is yoga.

How yoga can help

Compared to strenuous physical exercises, which will eventually become intolerable for most people suffering from depression, yoga gives natural relief by generally paying attention to their breathing. This makes the person become more attentive to other sensations in their body, thus making yoga an attractive way to get fit and combat depression at the same time.

Yoga helps cultivate a relaxed mind, and the exercise, when executed properly, also becomes some form of meditation. The heightened sensations in your body give you the feeling of being in touch with your inner self, allowing you to ease up the stress and anxiety that you are dealing with.

Nowadays, yoga is recognized as a long-term solution to mental and emotional conditions. It is also used as therapy for those who have been traumatized and allows stressed people to let out the negativity in their system. Yoga helps reunite the mind and the body and gives people the chance to be in a higher state of consciousness and to respond to their body’s needs. It is an ideal way to release all the burdens of the mind and body. It also helps improve our body functions through proper breathing and relaxation.

How yoga works for depression

By starting out with a few poses and with proper breathing patterns, a person suffering from depression will start experiencing the pleasurable effects of yoga. Correct breathing will bring greater amounts of oxygen to the brain, which helps in blood circulation and allows the organs of the body to function better. The oxygen also strengthens the muscles in the body, which promotes greater movement and agility.

Regularly doing yoga protects you from depression by keeping you in tune with your inner self, allowing you to know yourself better and respond to your needs more appropriately. Yoga alters your body’s biochemistry through the changed breathing patterns. These breathing exercises are crucial when battling depression because it will give you the invigoration and relaxation that your spirit needs. Yoga also brings lightness in feeling. It can be a great release from all of your worries and anxieties.

Yoga is a perfect way to combat depression naturally. It eases your spirit and helps improve your body functions. It will inspire you to enjoy life and keep doing the things you love without altering your routine. So if you need a release from depression, yoga will definitely give you the long-term positive outcome you desire.


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