The Seven Chakras of the Human Body

Thanks to Georgiy Onyschuk of for the contribution of this chakra infographics.  For more information on Chakras, please visit

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  1. ritubansal
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 10:29:31

    Hello Yachna Thanks for all the information and nice articles on yoga.What is your theory behind people seeing the chakras during meditation?! Will wait for your reply. Good wishes Ritu Bansal



    • yachna
      Jan 14, 2013 @ 10:50:46

      I think the answer to your question is within your question. My theory is people who are advanced in deep meditation are able to see not only their chakras but also other astral worlds. Meditation expands one’s consciousness. The understanding in us average humans is confined to the human body, limited by our 5 senses only. Meditation lets you explore outside of these limitations. Not everyone will have each and every experience, since we are all individually different, and are in different stages of spiritual evolution. Some people develop clairvoyance (able to see astral beings and worlds or even distant things on earth/your psychics/ mediums etc) and some people develop clairaudience (ability to hear astral sounds). During meditation it is advised to focus ones gaze and attention to the third eye (space between the eyebrows, in a pose called Shambhavi mudra). This develops the third eye and other intuitive faculties. You will also have more vivid dreaming. Try it for a week or so and increase practice if needed. You will notice a change. Before you are about to drift into sleep you will see vivid images of people and things like a movie playing before your eyes. You should also read”Autobiography of a Yogi”. I had posted the link on FB. Chapter 43-The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar is eye opening. He talks in detail about an astral planet and its beings. Only advanced souls reach there. He also talks about the soul being encased in three bodies. The physical which we discard upon death on earth. The astral which is discarded in Hiranyalok after working out astral karma after which one advances to a higher realms to work out causal karma to help discard the causal body. Once that is discarded, the soul is free to never return ot earth again, but merges with Supreme Bliss. It is a pity that humans waste their life on earth foscussing on useless things.


  2. Eklavya Ka
    May 15, 2016 @ 05:37:07

    Hi Yachna

    Very useful infographic on Chakra. Recently, I also published a guide on Chakra Meditation for beginners here:

    I hope your readers will like it.



    • yachna
      May 16, 2016 @ 07:59:57

      Hello Eklavya. Thanks for your email and also visiting my blog. I will take a look at the meditation guide and share soon. I am looking forward to reading the articles on your blog.


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