This past weekend I came across the most important website I ever visited.  It has been life changing for me and I hope you will find it equally useful.  Majority of us consider carbon dioxide to be a toxic gas and the general perception is that it should be eliminated. But carbon dioxide plays a very essential role in our  physical and mental health and is key in the prevention and elimination of anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. The owner of the website Dr. Artour Rakhimov also shares a breathing technique called Butyeko Breathing Technique that stresses the importance of reduced breathing for the healthy concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in our cells. It is  a very simple, but highly effective technique. I strongly recommend reading this information as this could be life changing for you or someone you know.



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  1. ritubansal
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 19:47:09

    Yes this website is really great.We would be grateful if you explain some important tips in your own words ,what the Dr. has explained.


  2. yachna
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 16:16:29

    Ritu, this website has over 400 pages. I would be doing it an injustice and I will be doing you as well as the other readers a disservice if I tried to explain it in a nut shell. All the information is very important. Here is another important link which will make one rethink old habits and patterns.


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