Vaastu Shastra: For Health, Happiness and Prosperity

This is one topic I have been meaning to share for quite a while now.  For those of you who are new to this, Vaastu Shastra is the Indian equivalent (kinda sorta) of Feng Shui.  It is the ancient science of architecture that provides guidance on the construction of homes and offices in accordance with certain principles that allow for the proper and efficient use of the cosmic energies of space, air, water, fire and earth for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and overall happiness. 

These five elements of matter are called panch bhuta (panch means five and bhuta means elements). Everything in the universe including us human beings are made up of these elements. An imbalance in these elements creates sickness, disease, stress psychological problems, fear, doubt etc. in the human body. Similarly if we reside in a home which is in disharmony with the universal five elements they could possibly create disharmony in our mind and function of the body bringing with it stress, sickness, and disease.  Hence vaastu is the science behind the art of living in harmony with these elements.

The five elements also form the foundation or basis of Ayurveda, which is an ancient science of healing/medicine according to which sickness and disease of body and mind is a result of an imbalance or dosha in one or more of these elements and the body can be returned to balance by balancing these elements through herbs, diet, lifestyle. Hand mudras/yoga also help balance these different elements. 


There are many websites out there with a ton of information about vaastu and when I read the comments of the readers I feel terrible for the people who are paralyzed by fear of death, disease, financial problems etc because their house layout doesn’t exactly match the expert’s advice for Vaastu compliance.  Vaastu tips are great to keep in mind when purchasing a house, but in today’s era when very few people have much control over the design of their house and shape of their lot/plot it is best to follow what you can and not fret about what you can’t.  Something is better than nothing. Following the principles of vaastu is akin to going with the flow where you just drift like plankton as opposed to swimming against the flow, or swimming upstream, fighting against odds. It just expends much of your energy, resulting in fatigue and stress. 

The topic of vaastu is deep.  It is impossible and not even practical to try to abide by each and every rule. I am not an expert/guru in this topic, but I have read plenty and also applied this in my own life. Below are some important tips in the order of importance to me. Another reason for this article is to alleviate fears that have gotten lodged in the minds of people who feel helpless and believe every aspect of their life is under control of the vaastu of their home. A few clever tips can help improve the vaastu of your home and also ease your mind.  

Shape of the Lot: Preferable shapes are square, rectangle, cow face (narrow in front and wide in back), and rectangle with projection in north east. Snake face lots (wide in front and narrow in back, like entering a snake’s mouth), trapezoid shaped lots and odd shaped lots should be avoided. Square shaped lots are most auspicious, but extremely rare. 

Incline/elevation of the lot:  The land in the eastern portion of the lot should be lower than the land in the western portion. Similarly the north should be lower than the South, and north east should be lower than the south west.  The north, east and north-east should be clean, light and clear of anything heavy and dense; so no garages, garbage cans, bathrooms, toilets, staircase etc in the north east as it blocks the high frequency positive vibrations.  In our second home, the garage orientation was turning out to be in the north-east so I asked the builder to flip it to its mirror image.  This placed the garage in the south east which is ideal for a garage and helped keep my north east clean and clear for receiving high frequency positive vibrations. 

Direction of the House:  Houses facing north-east, east and north are preferable to houses facing south, west, south-west, north-west, and south east.  If your house faces any of these directions don’t panic, because what matter is the overall grade/vaastu score of your house. For example, you may have a house that faces west, but it might still be fulfilling many other vaastu requirements.  Our previous house faced west, but I chose that because with that direction all other important requirements of elevation and orientation of kitchen and bedrooms were fulfilled.  Had I purchased this house on an east facing lot, I would have met the requirement for best direction, but would have failed in 5 other categories.   Another family I knew had a south facing house, but the house was very vaastu compliant in terms of elevation (south was higher than north), kitchen was in south east and bedrooms were in south and south west; another example of an overall good grade. 

Kitchen: Ideally the kitchen should be in the south east portion of the house. Second best location of kitchen is north-west or south west.

Prayer room:  All Hindu homes have a prayer room or an area within a room designated for worship.  This should be in the north-east portion of the house or north east portion of a room in case the first choice is not possible. Idols should be facing west so you can face east.  Alternately you can have the idols face east while you face west, but I prefer the first orientation.

Master Bedroom: south west, west directions are best for master bedroom. One should sleep with head in south and feet in north. Other directions can be – head in the east or west, but NEVER in the north as it causes sickness, disease, nightmares etc.  Also bedroom in north is not good as it causes financial hardship and mental stress. But lets say you have a bedroom in the north, you can place the bed in the southern or western portion of the room.  Similarly if your master bedroom is located in the south east, you can counter the effect by placing the bed in the south/west or south west portion and sleeping with head in south or west and feet in north or east.

 Children’s rooms in west and north-west are preferred, other positions are acceptable if it is not possible but in no case should a child or guest be allowed to occupy a bedroom in the south west.  This is the place of the owner of the house.

Guest bedroom: north-west is ideal 

Locker/Treasury: Most homes don’t keep storage lockers for their wealth in the house anymore.  But if you keep cash and jewellery at home (any amount) the best place is in the north portion of the house as this is the direction of Kuber-the god of wealth. This room could be a closet or a home office.  The stash can be placed in the southern portion of this room so that you can access it from the front/north.  Alternately it can be placed in the western portion so you can access it from the east.

Dining Room: West direction is best for placement of dining room.

Garage: South west or south east portions are better suited for garages or heavy items, machinery etc. 

Water Feature/Fountain: should be placed in the north eastern zone of the house/lot 

Other Tips 

  1. Planting Tulsi /holy basil plants in the yard helps clear the surroundings of vaastu dosha (vaastu non-compliance). Tulsi can be borrowed from any Hindu temple or a hindu home that has the plant.  This plant is greatly revered in all Hindu homes.  It is believed to possess high frequency vibrations that help clear the surroundings of any negative energy or vaastu defect.  Ashok trees also help remove any vaastu defects.

    Holy Basil

    Tulsi Plant

  2. Keeping Lemon in water also helps to protect your house from vastu dosha, evil eye and attracts prosperity. Place lemon/lime is a clear glass of water. Replace the water daily and toss the lemon out when the lemon changes color/looks rotten. Mopping floors with salt water helps remove negative energy. Saging the house, using incense/dhoop etc helps remove negative energy. Placing fresh cut flowers in rooms with low energy and poor vaastu and painting the rooms in vaastu compliant colors can help counter some of the negative effects
  3. Vaastu puja should be done by a qualified person/priest before one occupies the home to pacify Vaastu. 
  4. Vaastu yantras and pyraminds are also available that can be buried in the ground or placed as per an expert’s advice.  Below is also a link for a website that sells panch bhoota rosaries for protection against negative energy. 
  5. One website recommends meditation.  I strongly believe in it because I myself have seen the amazing benefits of meditation first hand.  It is a miraculous progressive form of healing the mind, spirit and in turn the body. It helps balance the five elements and removes fear, doubt, anxiety, and stress. It creates a protective shield of positive energy field around you.  In addition to meditation, it is important to follow a disciplined regimen of healthy diet and exercise to produce an overall healing effect on the body and a general sense of well being. 
  6. Balancing chakras through gemstones for astrological purpose or chakra visualization meditations.
  7. I read somewhere that before cooking on a skillet, sprinkle a few drops of water on it so it sizzles away.  This helps diffuse family tension.


NOTE: this article is just a general guide.  You might notice minor inconsistencies in the placement or arrangement of certain rooms like kitchen and garage based on varied information resources that are available out there. The field of vaastu is very deep and can get complicated depending on how deep you want to delve into it. You are advised to seek the guidance of an expert prior to making changes in your existing home or prior to purchasing a home/office.  Purchase a good book by a figure that is an authority in the field. 


Some links you might find helpful:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Himanshi Dutt
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 09:05:40

    Hi there. Can you please help me? I have kept lemon in water on the counter of my office. Someone recommended to make sure what direction should it be kept in and where should be water and lemon disposed each time i change them. Please can you reply or recommend me something regarding this? Thank you.


    • yachna
      May 01, 2015 @ 11:39:42

      I am not aware of any particular direction for lemons. Did you ask the person who recommended that direction is important? It is just supposed to be placed in a conspicuous place where people will see it as soon as they enter. It absorbs negative energy (evil eye) so by the time they are really inside your home all negativity from their aura and emotions has been absorbed. It can be anything, not necessarily lemons. You can hang rudraksh beads outside your house. You can put and AUM symbol on front door. Or you can have a picture on the wall which they see first before they can even enter your house. Change the lemons every 3 days or so. You can empty it under a tree or bush where no one will step on it. In north India they use a black pot face to hang outside the house.


  2. yachna
    May 01, 2015 @ 11:41:31

    picture of buddha, krishna, shiva, eye of horus etc


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