How do People Just Fall Asleep???

Anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia has probably asked themselves that question.  I know I have.  My husband stays up late playing x-box, watching Godfather, comes to bed, lays his head on the pillow and within seconds (and I am not joking) I hear his deep restful snores while I (who came to bed 2 hours before him) am still fighting for sleep to arrive. 

But that was two years ago.  For many years I suffered from terrible insomnia. I dreaded bed time, because it meant that slowly everyone would fall asleep, and I would just be staring in the dark waiting for sleep to descend, waiting for heavy eyelids; shutting my eyes hoping to get some sleep and forcing relaxation techniques that didn’t work, finally getting out of bed and reaching in the dark for the sleep aid, waking up 3 hours later and carrying on through my day all groggy, lethargic, yawning, tired and irritable only to repeat all of this the following night. 

In my past articles I have strongly recommended meditation for the insomniacs.  It is a sure fire, fail safe method.  It helped me tremendously and immediately after my first session I slept like I had never slept before.  No more waking up in the middle of the night; no more trips to the bathroom.  I would actually start falling asleep on the couch (before my husband  🙂 ) 

But what if one can’t meditate or what if one just can’t find the time to do it?

There is one other sure fire fail safe solution.

Wait for it…..wait for it……

The Frolov Breathing Device. 

I purchased this device to help me with a health condition related to breathing difficulty and in the process benefitted from it not just with my health issue, but in so many other ways.  One of the things I noticed immediately was that my sleep became even deeper.  The device has been proven to be helpful in a wide range of diseases. The benefits are too many for me to list here so I have included links below. and

A short breathing session (e.g., 3-5 minutes) with the Frolov breathing device leads to quick reduction in acute symptoms of many chronic diseases (including exacerbation of asthma, bronchitis, headache, chest pain due to angina, blocked nose, chronic coughing, pain due to arthritis, dyspnea, constipation, shortness of breath, and seizures). Typical breathing sessions (15 min or longer) produce a profound and lasting rejuvenating effect with a feeling of increased energy; improved focus, sleep, digestion; and many other positive physiological and biochemical changes.” ~ 

Modern man (due to stress, anxiety, overeating, deep breathing etc) breathes twice more air than the medical norm (hyperventilation).  The ideal breathing pattern for super healthy individuals (which is extremely rare and found in hard core yogis and advanced practitioners of meditation) is 3 breaths/minute.  The established medical norm for breathing is 12 breaths/ minute or a volume of 6L/minute, the average modern individual is 6-7L/minute in comparison to sick individuals who breathe in an average volume of 15L ±/minute.   We don’t realize but we are hyperventilating, mouth breathing or chest breathing.  This causes loss of CO2 which results in constriction of arteries and alveoli.  This constriction results in poor flow of blood, a suppression of Bohr’s effect (which means hemoglobin refuses to release oxygen in cells which have low carbon dioxide concentrations) which in turn reduces oxygen supply to the brain and other tissues and organs.  Reduces levels of oxygen in our body leads to chronic diseases like asthma, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, cancer (cancer is an anaerobic disease that cannot survive in conditions of high oxygen.  Over breathing/deep breathing/hyperventilation leads to poor oxygenation of cells and tissues, and results in disease.). Just remember, the deeper and harder you breathe the more carbon dioxide you lose, and the less oxygen delivered to cells and tissues.  

Carbon dioxide is a powerful natural sedative and so is oxygen.  It helps calm our nerves, but when we hyperventilate or breathe more than the healthy norm it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in our brain cells.  This in turn also leads to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, negative thinking etc. 

Before you purchase this device (or its equivalent-Breathslim) you might try the Butyeko breathing method first, since the Frolov Device is based on the principles of Butyeko breathing technique and produces the same results which is it increases your body cell oxygen level.  With the Butyeko method the practitioner breathes in less air to create air hunger and maintains this hunger for a few minutes.  This helps increase the carbon dioxide level in the arterial blood which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen to cells, tissues and all vital organs.  I prefer the device because it is easier to follow on a daily basis.

This is how to fall asleep fast using the Butyeko Method: 

Chronic Diseases caused by low body oxygen:

 Excerpts from

“Many people believe that breathing more air (as in deep breathing) increases oxygen content in cells. This is not true. Generally, breathing more reduces oxygen content even in the arterial blood.” 

“The change in air composition during human evolution and evolution of animals on the Earth was the key factor that led to appearance of chronic diseases. This is because hyperventilation was beneficial for creatures living in primitive air with very low O2 content and high CO2 content 1-2 millions of years ago, but over breathing destroys health now.” 

“Easier and lighter breathing after the breathing session will last for many hours due to the adaptation of the breathing centre to slower and more relaxed breathing with higher CO2 levels in body cells and improved body-oxygen content, which can be easily measured using the body-oxygen test. Systematic applications of the Frolov breathing device, combined with healthy lifestyle changes, lead to clinical remission of many chronic diseases.” 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a potent natural muscle relaxant. It is also among the strongest and best muscle relaxers as well. Once people have normal CO2 in their cells, they do not need over the counter muscle relaxers. 

“One may spend years practicing asanas and thousands of hours doing breathing exercises, but if his or her body-oxygen levels remain unchanged, he or she will suffer from the same health problems. Essence of yoga is in correct (or ideal) automatic breathing day and night for maximum oxygenation of the body cells. This breathing pattern is diaphragmatic, very slow and light. It ensures up to 2-3 minutes for the body-oxygen test and over 7-8 minutes for maximum breath holding time due to highest possible body-O2 levels.”

There are several websites that sell the Frolov Device.

I purchased mine from as it is local to where I live.


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