Different Categories of People

People can be classified into different categories:

The first is the lowest type and is called Asadhu.  He will only see faults in another man.

The second is the mediocre type.  He sees good as well as bad in another person.

The third sees the difference between the good and bad qualities but treat the person in a sensible and proper manner.

The fourth class of people consists of those who ignore faults and take into account only what is good.

But the really great souls are the ones that won’t even look at faults.  They try to enhance even the smallest quality in another person and applaud them for it.

But there is another category  lower than the lowest.  They see faults which do not even exist.

From the Srimad Bhagvatam as translated by Kamala Subramaniam

Spoken by Sati to her father Daksha when he performed a Yagna (sacrifice/offerings)  called Brihaspati Sava and deliberately did not invite his son -in -law Lord Shiva. Daksha performed the yagya with the sole intention of insulting Mahadeva.


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