Tranquility and Equanimity

Lake Bierstadt, Colorado, yachnayoga

Lake Bierstadt, Colorado, yachnayoga

Tranquility can be likened to a still lake, equanimity to a powerful,
unmoving mountain. To call on these two attributes, I (Swami Shankaranda) suggest the following:

1. For tranquility visualize a still, quiet lake and let your mind become
as still as the lake you imagine.

2. For equanimity imagine yourself to be as strong and immovable as
a mountain. Visualize moving through your day with that strength
and certainty.

~ Swami Shankarananda, Happy For No Good Reason


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  1. sohumm
    Jul 09, 2015 @ 11:34:49

    I’m still struggling with Equanimity… for me it’s a more difficult thing than attaining tranquility 😉 🙂


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