Don’t Do That. Do This.

One of the many popular methods recommended to help someone heal is to say a prayer for a person you might not particularly like. Maybe this person has hurt you or treated you poorly in the past and maybe still does and now you are beset with this challenge of doing something that doesn’t feel natural all in the hope to heal your sick soul. Now if you can say a prayer for this particular someone without feeling fraudulent or dispassionate or without any conflict, then it is a sign that you are doing something to aid your internal healing process. On the contrary, if you notice a tightness in your chest, it is a sign of internal resistance; a sign that you might be creating imbalance and blockage in your heart chakra. This  disharmony creates a disruption in the pranic/life force in the body. Whenever there is a disturbance in the smooth flow of prana, the result is illness.

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In such a case it would be advisable to say a heartfelt prayer for someone who has been kind to you. Maybe they lent you a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. They might not necessarily be close family or friends. Sometimes the unlikeliest of people turn out to be the lifeline you just needed at that point in your life. When I went through some trying times in 2014 most (non-family) people didn’t know. The few I confided in made themselves scarce and the only two people who stand out and shine in my mind and bring a smile to my face and softness to my heart are the last two people I expected to be in a position to help or even care since they weren’t really part of my life in that sense. Without getting into too much detail I will say this- despite facing their own problems and having utterly busy lives and professions they bailed me out by being there to the best of their capacity. Today, when their thought crosses my mind, my heart says an automatic prayer for them. It is effortless and unrushed. I take time with my words for them and pray whole -heartedly, praying for their well-being. Best wishes for them just bubble forth and flow uninterrupted, and as I pray I feel my heart melt and warm up and soften. That’s how I know it is genuine. Because I feel healed. I feel happy and in harmony with myself.


Self healing with Plants and Herbs

The healing arts go back in time well before there were trained doctors or medicine men.  In the beginning people gathered information on self healing from their environment and watching the plants and animals around them.  The earliest form of self healing came from the use of plants and herbs as ‘medicines’ to treat everything from a toothache to cuts, bruises, burns and fevers.  With the advent of modern day pharmaceuticals this has become a lost art as people find it quicker and easier to pop a pill, but research is showing that quicker is not always better and people are turning back to the self healing arts of Naturopathy and using plants to help fix the illnesses in our bodies.   

The truth is that many of our modern day medicines are actually derived from plant based materials.  Or at least many of them start that way until the manufacturers can find a way to recreate the plant based compounds in a laboratory and mass produce them. The problem we are finding though is that when you isolate just one or two compounds from a plant, it does not always work as well because like everything in nature, plants were created with many different working parts that all come together to heal us.  It is like going on a diet and only removing sugar.  Sure you will lose some weight, but if you are still consuming excessive carbohydrates and processed foods then your body will still not reach its optimal weight.  Just like with everything in life you have to look at the entire picture – if you take one or two pieces out of the puzzle then the picture will not be complete.   

So with this understanding in mind people are going back to using plants and herbs instead of man made chemicals to cure their common, everyday illnesses.  Plants like echinacea are turned into teas and tinctures to cure the common cold.  Arnica is made into a paste to help relieve sore muscles and get bruising to heal.  Tea tree oil is used as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.  St. John’s wort and chamomile are being used to treat depression and melancholy.  There is Ginseng for energy and Ginkgo Biloba for memory and increased brain function.  The list of natural plant remedies can go on and on but there is one common trend which is that people are turning back to using plants for their own self healing.  The same plants our ancestors used thousands of years ago are making a comeback and again being used in our everyday lives.  We are beginning to realize that the extra two minutes it takes to prepare an herbal tea is worth the long term benefit of not introducing harmful chemicals into our bodies.  This is not only good for the planet, to encourage a reliance on natural sources and not chemically manufactured ones, but it is also good for our own spiritual self healing to take back our personal power and once again take responsibility for our own natural health and well being.

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Ancient Mantra/Prayer for Healing the Body

I stumbled upon this vedic mantra in the most unlikely of places.   I had never heard of this mantra before nor have I been able to find it online.   I guess it would be safe to say that this is the first online entry for this mantra.

What is this mantra for?

Done with faith, sincerity and devotion, the body soon becomes free of disease and affliction.

How to Chant this mantra?

Take some water in a vessel/glass.

Face East

Cover the top of the vessel with the palm of your hand

Chant the mantra out loud 7 times

Drink all of the water.

Below is the Sanskrit mantra followed by the translation.  (Translation Courtesy: Sarita Tyagi, PhD Sanskrit)

Mantra In Sanskrit

मां भयात सर्वतो रक्ष

श्रियं वर्धय सर्वदा

शरीरारोग्यम में देहि

देव देव नमो स्तुते

Mantra In English

Maam Bhayaat Sarvato Raksh

Shriyam Vardhay Sarvadaa

Shareer Aarogyam Maim Dehi

Dev Dev Namo Stutay


May I have no fear. Always protect (me) from fear,

May (my) prosperity always increase,

Bless me with a disease free body,

Salutations to you

Below is a short video to help you with the pronunciation of the mantra:


An effort in creative undoing of the false indivi-dualistic self in order to get established as the true non-dualistic Self which is Satyam-Gnanam-Anantam Brahma(n). This is Moksha, Enlightenment or Self-Realization.

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