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Question from one of the readers: Whenever I do tratak for some days i get acne, mouth ulcer and dry lips what is the reason for this symptoms?


Ghee in moderation helps increase ojas

Trataka increases tejas or heat in the body. You need to make sure you drink plenty of water and also avoid foods in your diet that increases tejas. So avoid sour and hot spices, chili peppers, sesame, meat, alcohol, onion, garlic, honey, chai, coffee or any other foods, herbs etc that increase heat in body. Consume saunf, mishri, fresh coconut, coconut oil, ghee, dates, rice, wheat, sweet potato, kheer etc in moderation to increase ojas. Eat simple foods that have a watery gravy instead of dry sabzi. soak 10 almonds at night and next day peel and have them with some milk. Also soak sabza seeds in water till they become gooey then add them to sherbets, milk shakes, puddings, desserts etc


PRANA-The Quanta of our Vitality and Energy

Prana is the vital life force or life breath and is the subtle essence of vata or air element.  It is responsible for life in an individual.  It is responsible for vitality and energy and the processes of respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion etc.  Heart chakra is described as a divine lotus with 12 petals that have Sanskrit letters. Prana lives in the heart along with past desires and egoism.

The different modifications of this prana, results in ten principle types of pranas. These are:

Pran– located in the heart chakra and responsible for respiratory and circulatory functions.

Apan-located in the root chakra and is responsible for elimination

Saman-located in the solar plexus chakra and responsible for digestion

Udana-located in the throat chakra and is responsible for sound

Vyan-located in the sacral chakra and is responsible for movement and circulation throughout the body?

Naga-responsible for eructation/burping

Kurma– responsible for opening eyes

Krikara-responsible for hunger and thirst

Devadatta-responsible for yawning

Dhananjay– responsible for hiccoughs/hiccups

Of these the first 5 are important ones and of them the first two-pran and apan are the most important. The heart is the seat of pran, the anus is the seat of apan, the navel region is the seat of samana, the throat is the seat of udana and vyan moves throughout the body. The remainder vayus, are in charge of functions like eructation (naga), opening eyes (kurma), hunger and thirst (krikira), yawning (devadatta) and hiccups (dhananjaya).

We imbibe prana when we breathe.  Hence, the reserves of prana can be increased by performing pranayam which leads to good health of mind and body.

Anulom Vilom increases the vital capacity of the lungs and helps purify the energy channels in the astral body. According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika~ The body of a person whose energy channels or nadis are pure will be lean and glowing. Purification of nadis leads to good health.”

Bhastrika also known as bellows breath involves forceful inhalation followed by forceful exhalation. It is beneficial in cases of allergies, asthma. It makes the lungs strong. It should not be done during pregnancy and menstruation.  For people with high pitta/internal heat, sheetali is a better option.

Bhramari helps strengthen prana and is good for thyroid, thymus and the parathyroid glands. Bhramari means bee, so one makes the sound of a humming bee when performing this pranayam. One should close their ears with their thumbs, inhale and upon exhalation, simultaneously hum with the mouth closed.

While Bhastrika and Bhramari help increase prana, Shambhavi mudra can result in a quantum increase in prana.

Sitting in the lotus pose helps balance prana, ojas, tejas and helps open the heart chakra.

Being honest with our feelings and emotions builds prana, ojas and tejas.

According to David Frawley’s book, Yoga and Ayurveda –

“These three forces (ojas, tejas and prana) are interrelated. Prana and tejas are rooted in ojas and can be regarded as aspects of ojas. Tejas is the heat and light energy of ojas that has an oily quality and, like ghee can sustain a flame. Prana is the energy and strength that comes from ojas after it has been kindled into tejas. Ojas proper is the potential, the stamina of the mind and nervous system for holding tejas and prana. Ojas has the capacity to turn into tejas (heat), which has the capacity to turn into prana (electricity).”

Recommended Reading: Ojas and Tejas

Resources: Secrets of the Pulse, By Vasant Lad, Shiva Samhita

Tejas-The Spark of Radiance, Warmth, Glow and Brilliance

What is Tejas?

Tejas is responsible for inner radiance, glow or aura, luster in one’s eyes, clarity, fearlessness, courage, intelligence, and understanding and comprehension at the cellular level.  It is the subtle and positive essence or counterpart of pitta or fire element in the body and is responsible for the digestion and metabolism of everything we take in.

Tejas can be compared to hormones and amino acids that regulate cellular metabolism.

Hence tejas is needed for metabolism.  If tejas in a person is too high it burns out the ojas , as in the case with multiple sclerosis.  The myelin sheaths which are composed of ojas (water element) are burned by high tejas (fire element).

Negative thinking damages ojas, tejas, prana, immune system, the spleen, the function of the lymphatic system.  The thymus gland is located very close to the heart which is the seat of emotions.  Hence any negative emotional disturbance will affect the thymus. Gently tapping the sternum stimulates the thymus gland which in turn stimulates the immune system.

Tejas gets diminished by:

  • Excessive talking
  • Psychological/emotional imbalances
  • Negative thinking
  • Consuming cold foods, icy beverages, ice cream etc. diminishes tejas which in turn negatively impacts metabolism, digestion and assimilation of food.  This leads to accumulation of toxins/ama in the tissues which eventually leads to disease.

For a healthy balance of tejas one should:

  • Enforce positive thinking.  Positive thinking strengthens ojas, tejas and prana and the thymus gland, which is responsible for a healthy immune system and good health.
  • Meditate
  • Chant mantras
  • Try sitting in the meditation position, in a lotus pose as that helps open up the heart chakra, calms the breath and balances ojas, tejas and prana.
  • Practice awareness in thought, words and action
  • Avoid gossip, excessive talking, negative talk etc.

For a depleted tejas one should consume:

  • 1 pinch of trikatu which is -ginger, black pepper, piper longum with 1 tsp of honey 15 minutes before eating a meal as it kindles the agni (metabolism/digestive fire).
  • Chewing a small piece of ginger with some lemon juice and salt sprinkled on it can help build tejas.
  • Bitter ghee is good for increasing tejas without increasing pitta.1 tsp morning and evening on an empty stomach with ½ cup warm water.

NOTE: People who suffer from excessive pitta or heat in the body should not consume the above.  Excessive pitta is marked by heat in the body, inflammation, boils, acne, ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, and negative emotions like anger, jealousy, anxiety, aggression, impatience, hate etc.  Instead one should avoid consuming foods that are inherently and temperature hot as they further aggravate pitta.  Hence avoid spicy, pungent foods, peppers, garlic, onions, sesame, coffee, tea etc.  Consuming foods and herbs that are cooling and sweet (not sugary, but inherently sweet like rice, wheat etc), will help bring pitta back to a healthy balance.  Chewing on fennel seeds, cardamoms, etc sipping warm herbal teas helps calm pitta.

I will address this in more detail in another article.

Recommended Reading: Ojas-The Sap of Life, Vigor, Radiant Health and Luster

Resource: Secrets of the Pulse, Dr. Vasant Dattatray Lad


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