Guidelines for Practioners of Meditation

  1. Have a designated sacred space for daily meditation sessions.  This can be the same room you use for yoga and pranayam.  The room should be clean and well ventilated with fresh air.  If you can’t have a separate room, you can allocate a portion of a room to your practice.
  2. Overeating and fasting should be avoided.
  3. The recommended time for meditation is early morning as the mind is naturally calm and fresh at that time.
  4. Be consistent. Meditation should be done at the same time daily. Don’t give up within few minutes of starting the practice.  If you feel restless it’s only because you become more aware of it when you sit down in meditation. That is the goal of meditation; to slow down your thought process and calm your mind.
  5. Make sure your clothing is comfortable.  It should not restrict your breathing.
  6. The recommended posture is a seated position. Make sure to keep your spine straight and chin slightly tucked in.  Make use of a meditation cushion if needed.  You may also sit on a chair or lie down if needed.
  7. A stop watch can come handy to keep track of time without having to keep checking the clock.
  8. Choose the meditation that works best for you.
  9. Unless it is a guided meditation session, do not turn on any music.
  10. Avoid negative emotions of anger, jealousy, vanity, arrogance, cunning, pride etc.  Avoid engaging yourself in heated discussions, debates, idle talk as this adversely affects the astral body and impedes spiritual progress.

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