Prescription Meditation

If you suffer from insomnia, disturbed sleep, chronic anxiety, depression, mental and physical fatigue and feel impatient, restless, cynical, angry, negative and frustrated its time to give meditation a sincere try.

Numerous people suffer from everyday stress and more and more people than ever before are turning to prescription drugs, alcohol and illegal drugs to help ease the symptoms of stress.  Prescription pills and even over the counter sleep aids, herbal preparations that promise relief, but actually leave one feeling physically and mentally lethargic, befuddled and with a hangover like feeling.  Consistent use of drugs leads to dependency and not to mention a whole list of dangerous side effects.  Prescription medications don’t produce lasting results.  In some users these prescription medications can aggravate the symptoms of anxiety several fold.  Stress is a part of everyday life.  The threshold for stress varies from person to person.  It causes a great number of health disorders.  Visit American Stress Institute for an elaborate list to learn more about the kind of havoc stress can wreak on your health. Western medication is manipulative medication.  It doesn’t work at the root cause of the problem, but instead does a very poor job at a very superficial level of masking your symptoms.

Your thoughts affect your cells. Stress produces blockages and imbalances in the body. Negative thoughts weaken your cells resulting in sickness in the body. The vibration of healthy thoughts and positive emotions will help restore the healthy vibration of the cells in your body.

Read Thought Power.

Meditation is considered to be a panacea for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental health problems.  It balances and heals all your chakras.  It will help return your endocrine glands to a healthy vibratory level so they would produce hormones in healthy amounts.  Your cells will vibrate at a healthy frequency.

It will help shift you to a more positive thinking.  You will notice a serious decline in emotional outbursts, worry and negative thoughts.  There will be no need for you to repress your emotions and suffer internallly.  Meditation will give you a higher threshold.  Petty things won’t bother you anymore. You will enjoy a renewed zest for life, more confidence.  You will feel in control, and naturally happy.  What might look like an obstacle to most people, will seem like an opportunity in disguise to you.  Everything will come to you easier.  Ideas, solutions, answers, inspiration, creative thinking will all be yours.  Step back and watch even little mundane desires manifest.  You will see things from a totally different perspective.  Immediately after one good session of meditation you will notice an undeniable and significant improvement in your overall wellbeing.  You will enjoy deep undisturbed sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

While practicing meditation it is important to focus on healthy eating.  Consuming caffeine and foods that are gassy, inherently hot, temperature hot and spicy can agitate the mind and increase anxiety.  Stale food, processed food and sugary food will leave you feeling lethargic.  Consuming high vibration fresh and healthy meals will have a calming effect on your mind and a healthy affect on your body.  People with a healthy vibratory level exude charisma, positivity, energy and a glow.

To learn more about the three categories of foods, read my article

My favorite meditation is Soham meditation. Start out with 15 minutes a day and slowly increase it to 30 minutes eventually graduating to 40 minutes.  It is after the 20 minute mark that the real magic begins.  You can click on the link below to find more detailed information and guided videos etc about Soham.

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