Recommended Reading: The Nectar of Youth and Immortality

Courtesy: Easy Steps to Yoga By Swami Sivananda

Spread a blanket on the floor and lie on the back quite flat. Slowly raise the legs, hips and trunk. Support the back with the two hands and rest the elbows on the ground. Press the chin against the chest. Remain in the Asana for 5 seconds and slowly bring the legs to the ground. Gradually you can increase the period to 20 minutes. This Asana gives wonderful benefits. It keeps the spine elastic and helps you to maintain Brahmacharya. Elasticity of spine means everlasting youth. After performing this Asana, do Matsyasana. You can derive the maximum benefit of Sarvangasana.

Sit on the blanket and form the foot-lock as in Padmasana. Then lie flat on the back. Stretch the head back so that the top of your head rests on the ground firmly on one side and the buttocks on the other, thus making a bridge or an arch of the trunk. Place the hands on the thighs or catch hold of the toes. Remain in this Asana for 3 seconds or half the period that you devote to Sarvangasana. This Asana must be done immediately after performing Sarvangasana. This Asana destroys many diseases and removes constipation.

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