Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening should not be confused with kundalini rising. Once the kundalini is awakened, the next step is to guide it up the sushumna (spinal column). This is not an easy task. There are several techniques (Pranayam, mudras, yoga poses) that aid in this process. This should be done only under the guidance of a qualified guru to avoid the dangers that may come from dealing with energy of this intensity. As the kundalini rises and pierces through each chakra it bestows upon the yogi certain supernatural powers.

In my experience, most kundalini symptoms almost always come about when you expect them the least. They don’t repeat themselves too soon. They usually seem to happen when your mind is at its calmest-during the early morning hours or just before you are about to drift into sleep. I have tried to give details about my experiences. Hope you will find this helpful.

Below is a list of kundalini awakening symptoms that I experienced in the past 7 years in, chronological order:

1. Saw very bright white light when I closed my eyes that I had to look away (had to open my eyes). This happened just before I fell asleep at night. At the time I was very confused and went to see an eye doctor. Everything was normal.

2. Heard internal sounds of Aum/Om. This happened early in the morning as I was just waking up. This happened only once. It was followed by a feeling of extreme peace. After this experience I did a search online on hearing OM sounds. That led me to kundalini articles and I learned for the first time that I was having some spirituals experiences.

3. Felt bigger than my body. This happened before I fell asleep.

4. Felt intense wet heat in my tail bone for several weeks, in the mornings that lasted several hours.

5. Experienced extreme bliss, peace calmness, ecstasy for 3 straight days. This occurred spontaneously. In this bliss you feel connected to every living creature- people, strangers, trees, animals and even a little insect. You feel love and compassion for every being. You see things clearly-the futileness of materialistic objects and the awareness of the Supreme that pervades through every living organism. Material objects appear dead and hollow in this state.

6. I got another scare recently which led me to halt all yogic practices temporarily. I experienced several times in the middle of the night what I believe is Uddiyan bandha. I woke up in the middle of the night to find my tummy completely sucked in. A couple of months ago, I awoke at night to a very intense Moolbandha. Experiencing spontaneous mudras is also a sign of awakened kundalini. This was the scariest experience of all after the bigger than body feeling. It was also very confusing. I also thought I saw fireflies when I opened my eyes and heard musical sounds in the dead of night, for a few seconds. But I have decided to dismiss the last two.

7. The last experience is one that I have experienced more often. A tingling sensation on my head. The feeling as though some of the hairs on my head were getting prickly-kind of like goose bumps.

You may want to read my article that details some of the above experiences in –The Unstruck Sound. Please feel free to share your kundalini awakening symptoms in an article for my blog.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alok Santuwala
    Sep 01, 2014 @ 23:20:24

    Hi Yachna , I can perform anulom – vilom pranayam for 30 minutes , Is it worth continuing this pranayam to this time extent .


    • yachna
      Sep 11, 2014 @ 15:52:18

      Alok. Even Baba Ramdev says to not do it for more than 10 minutes. I would not count minutes but count the rounds. Everybody is different. I prefer 10-15 rounds in the morning and that’s it. When it comes to Pranayam I am a bit wary of doing them let alone over doing them unless you are dedicated to some spiritual path and under the guidance of a guru. Just do it for a calming effect on the mind and balancing the two hemispheres.


  2. sohumm
    May 04, 2015 @ 04:26:51

    Wow! I can relate to so many things you’ve mentioned in this post…. the feeling of extreme bliss and connection with people and even inanimate things etc..

    You are right about Uddiyan Bandha! Even I was intrigued when it first happened to me…but then (for me) it also acted as a better proof that my other kriyas were not just a result of random movements of a tired body sitting in a prolonged pose but of something discrete that was happening in a very precise manner…

    Another thing that you’ve written about – seeing something like fireflies…. I also sometimes see things like that but they are like small glowing comet like things (with a trailing tail, not too many in number but usually about a dozen or so) and when they do disappear after a few seconds they do not disappear altogether but rather in groups or individually one after another! I know its weird and am still to find a proper medical or spiritual explanation for such phenomenon….


  3. Krishna Reddy
    Sep 24, 2017 @ 14:59:16

    Hi yachana….

    Im doing anulom vilom for 4 hours non stop at single stretch…. I have made miracle …. psoriasis which is not curable even by medical sciences….I have cured it by doing anulom vilom for 4 hours just for 2 months….now my skin is more beautiful than a normal.person….now my straight question to you is how long I should continue to do it for Aina chakra awakening… please reply


    • yachna
      Sep 25, 2017 @ 07:13:49

      It is wonderful that you were able to overcome your health concern. Regarding chakra awakening- What is the purpose of trying to awaken your chakra? I have never heard of anyone using simply anumol vilom to awaken a chakra. Awakening a chakra means attaining siddhi. It is a complex process that requires tremendous preparation of body and mind. Extreme changes in diet over a period of time (which could mean decades), intense practice of kriyas, mudras etc. which should be done under the guidance of someone who themselves have attained success in it or you will risk having major physical and mental issues. The safest approach in my opinion would be to chant Om as that is the mantra of the Ajna Chakra and chanting Om never hurt anybody 🙂 . I would say start out with grounding practices, change your diet and eat saatvik, light foods recommended for yogis. Practice some light chakra meditation startign with the root chakra and slowly move your way up to Ajna Chakra. Spend some time chanting Om. In the meantime if you are certain about awakening chakras find a siddha who can guide you.


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