The Five Tibetan Rites for Youth and Vigor

“Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth”- That is the title of the book I happened to come across yesterday.  It was written by Peter Kelder and was originally published in 1939 under the title – “The Eye of Revelation”.

In the book, Peter Kelder shares the clandestine Five Tibetan Rites that have been practiced by the ageless Lamas or Tibetan monks for centuries in a remote monastery in Tibet.  These rites are inspired by certain yogic poses, and when done in a specific order and a certain number of times are known to bestow the practitioner with youth, vigor and vitality. According to the book, the monks taught British Colonel Bradford these secret rites while he resided with them in their monastery the 1920s.   He is credited for bringing the secret rites to the West. The Five Rites have been extolled for having the ability to produce extraordinary results within a month. When performed diligently and strictly, these exercises have the ability of making a 70 + year old appear as a 40 year old!!!!  .


How do the Five Rites Work?

Stress, worry, poor lifestyle choices and certain life circumstances negatively affect our seven chakras by slowing them down, blocking them or distorting them.   This in turn disturbs the normal flow of prana through the body and eventually leads to aging, decay, sickness or disease.

The five rites help restore the chakras to their normal healthy spinning speed thereby allowing the prana or life force to course freely through the body.  The result is a healthy, youthful and strong body.

I tried these exercises today for the first time and was able to manage 5 repetitions of each.  The goal is to finally be able to do 21 repetitions of each rite or exercise. Although not mentioned in the book, I would strongly advise practitioners of the Five Rites to conclude their session with the corpse pose.  This will help ground you and prevent you from feeling nauseous, giddy or unbalanced after the practice.

Below is a link to the 1985 revised version of the original book under the title- “Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

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